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Supercharge Your BrailleNote Touch Today with Version 2.0.

Supercharge Your BrailleNote Touch Today with Version 2.0. Math Braille to Print, KNFB Reader, Braille Display Mode, and So Much More!

Today HumanWare has made available BrailleNote Touch version 2.0. The BrailleNote Touch began shipping in May of this year and the world’s first and only Google certified braille tablet just keeps getting better. Version 2.0 brings many features and enhancements which have been requested by BrailleNote users and demonstrates the kind of innovation that this tool can produce.

The BrailleNote Touch is now available in English, French, Norwegian, Swedish and Arabic.

KeyMath: Real time math braille to print translation
In the past students would typically manually braille their math assignments using a braille writer. This is an effective and necessary method for younger students to learn and gain an understanding of spacial mathematics. But as progress is made in the classroom students have asked for a way for them to create math content using their BrailleNote. Today KeyMath makes this a reality.

KeyMath is an app which integrates with KeyWord, the Touch’s powerful word processor.
• Type literary content in KeyWord, and when you write math content, simply activate the KeyMath app with backspace and M.
• Type your math equation using your preferred math braille code (Nemeth or UEB), and as you complete the equation, it will be displayed visually for sighted parents, teachers or colleagues immediately on the BrailleNote Touch’s screen.
• At this point the math braille and visual content can now be pasted in your KeyWord math document and printed or emailed to the classroom teacher in seconds.

If you forget how to write a math symbol, KeyMath comes equipped with HumanWare’s symbol selector. Simply search the categories for your symbol, KeyMath shows you how to write it in braille, and even press enter on it to insert it in the equation.

KeyMath ensures students can independently complete and turn in assignments to their classroom teachers but also serves as a tool to assist in learning the math braille codes.

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New Connect 12 Released

Prodigi Connect12 Release Graphic

HumanWare unveils the new generation Connect 12

May 3, 2017 – HumanWare is pleased to announce the arrival of the second generation of Prodigi Connect 12, the highly portable digital magnifier and its 12-inch tablet that features an open Android platform. The new Connect 12 features unmatched ease of use and integrated access to printed documents, books, newspapers or magazines from online libraries and many amazing enhancements.

Smarter and more connected than all other low-vision products, HumanWare’s Prodigi Connect 12 is the evolution of the most advanced digital magnifier product line. By combining high portability, precise customization to all visual conditions, wireless distance viewing and all the possibilities offered by a 12-inch Android tablet, the Connect 12 is more than ever, the preferred digital magnifier for thousands of users of all ages.

New simple interface
Ease of use and convenience

The new simple interface of the Prodigi Connect 12 allows users to find everything they need in one place! From the main menu screen, users can choose to magnify a printed document, read a book, use the new calculator app or change the settings intuitively. With simple gestures: read, magnify, contrast, and much more! The new integrated Books app gives access to online BookShare library ; to access thousands of books, magazines and newsletters in a snap, on your tablet.

Diamond Edge Text logo
A powerful tool for low vision users

Like the previous Connect 12, the new generation presents perfect Diamond-Edge text with multiple capture and processing speed allowing magnification up to 80x with perfect clarity and high resolution. Users can also choose from three efficient reading modes: page, column and line. The Connect 12 also offers optional speech output on documents and menus in order to reduce eye fatigue.

Distance viewing and portability
A large yet portable, 12-inch full HD touchscreen, long-lasting 8-hour battery and wireless distance viewing camera with up to 40X live magnification and integrated capture function, helps low-vision users see the world like never before. The added connectivity, interactivity and portability make the Connect 12 a powerful and friendly tool for today’s low-vision users.

Instantly connect with the world

The Connect 12’s Android access connects users to the Internet with the tap of a single App. It’s perfect for students who can enjoy, free and open access to preinstalled apps such as Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, and Chrome. Smartboard connectivity with Promethean, TeamViewer or VNC, along with adaptive apps such as BookShare, BARD, and Pyxima, make this tool far more than just a portable digital magnifier.

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Window Eyes is Discontinued

Window Eyes Box

Window Eyes Discontinued
We regret to announce that we are ending the sales of Window-Eyes, effective immediately in the United States and Canada. Users outside of the United States and Canada should contact their local distributor for options.

We understand how important a screen reader is to you and are offering JAWS® 18 as a replacement. We are committed to providing a smooth transition and will honor existing Window-Eyes product purchases and software maintenance agreements. For complete details visit

Note, the free Window-Eyes Offer for Users of Microsoft Office version is not part of the conversion program.

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ZoomText 11 is released

ZoomText Magnifier Reader-11-box image

March 13, 2017: Ai Squared announced the release of ZoomText® version 11 for Windows, the world’s premier magnification and reading software for the visually impaired. Significant new features include:

  • New modern toolbar with simplified controls and complete keyboard accessibility.
  • New unified AppReader for easier reading of documents, web pages and email
  • New unified Finder for fast location of words and topics of interest
  • New Geometric Smoothing for the smooth magnified text in more applications
  • New Smart Invert for viewing photos in their natural colors against inverted backgrounds
  • New keyboard commands that are easier to operate and free of conflicts with other apps
  • Greatly improved interoperability with JAWS 18 (from Freedom Scientific)

“ZoomText 11 is all about ease of use and increased productivity” says Scott Moore, Ai Squared’s Vice President of Marketing. “All of the core features have been streamlined and refined to make ZoomText easier to learn, easier to operate and seamless to the workflow of any task.”

With the addition of Ai Squared to the VFO family earlier this year, a top priority for the release of ZoomText 11 and JAWS 18 (a full screen reader from Freedom Scientific) was interoperability between the two products.

“Helping our customers who need to use ZoomText and JAWS at the same time is a top priority now” says Eric Damery, Freedom Scientific’s Vice President of Software Product Management. “We want to make sure that users of ZoomText have the best experience when running alongside JAWS.

ZoomText is available in three versions— ZoomText Magnifier, ZoomText Magnifier/Reader and ZoomText Fusion, with the software available on CD, USB and download from the ZoomText website: ZoomText 11 supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 and can be used with virtually any application. Low cost upgrades from any previous version are available to all registered users of ZoomText.