Kurzweil 3000 V.15 Features

K3000 V.15: A New Look, An Intuitive Learning Environment

k3000 v15: Meet the New k3000 Start Screen

A new start screen acts as a roadmap and gets students where they need to go faster—from opening an assignment to starting a writing draft, or simply picking up where they left off.

k3000 v15: Simplify Tasks with New Features HD

Upgrades to k3000’s ability to read text aloud (including the latest ABBYY FineReader OCR and 3 new voices) take quality up yet another notch, while additional features simplify tasks that were once arduous.

k3000 v15: Discover New Ways to Access and Understand Text

Learners—of all ages—are given new ways to access text, understand and then think about what they’re learning, and finally demonstrate what they have learned, all making k3000 even more powerful.

k3000 v15: Experience k3000’s Intuitively Powerful Design

New tabs and icons simplify pathways—offering an intuitive experience that reduces the learning curve. And the ability to customize the reading controls and toolbars lets students make k3000, and learning with it, their own.

Step by Step: How to get the most out K3000 v.15

k3000: Saving a Toolbar to a Document

Did you know you can create a custom toolbar and save it to a document in k3000? Watch to learn how

k3000: How to use the Cross-out text feature

The ability to cross-out an answer is a great tool for test-taking and completing assignments. Learn how to use the cross-out text feature in the desktop and web version of k3000.

k3000: Edit Underlying Text

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to change how a word–or math symbol–is being read in k3000

K3000 is available for the Windows, MAC or can be web accessed on mobile devices

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