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You will find the DT Trainer to be a robust independent tutor for your child or students. You will be happy to see that the product is designed to be an amazing value. This is a large effective product for a very reasonable price. We charge enough to keep evolving and expanding the product without charging so much that it is not affordable.

The DT Trainer was created based on methods developed to educate our most difficult to educate individuals: children with autism. However, the DT Trainer’s configurability also makes it beneficial for children with other learning disabilities, and even with typically developing but young children. Behavioral methods have been proven to be effective for teaching individuals including those with autism.

The software motivates individuals to perform tasks which they may not want to learn or may find difficult to learn. There are hundreds of colorful, interesting, and fun reinforcers to pick from which engage even difficult to motivate individuals. You can even add your own reinforcers! The DT Trainer breaks down learning into the appropriate steps for low functioning to high functioning students. The DT Trainer is especially designed for learners that have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • developmentally between the ages 2-9 years (limitation of current content)
  • easily distracted or overloaded
  • not well self directed or motivated
  • have difficulty following directions
  • require moderate to substantial repetition
  • need maintenance of previously learned materials


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Activity Trainer

The Activity Trainer is a powerful software program that makes the research-based, effective Video Modeling teaching method practical for the classroom and home. The Activity Trainer is a versatile teaching tool that enables teachers to use videos to teach almost any targeted activity or skill – from simple to complex – and includes a library of activities with options to customize, modify, and create new activities.

Video modeling has been shown in numerous studies to improve acquisition rates across a wide variety of tasks for individuals with autism and other learning disabilities. Unfortunately, because video modeling is a difficult process, few of our students are benefiting from this powerful teaching method. The Activity Trainer in the first tool designed specifically to make video modeling easy.

Valuable Benefits

  • First Software to make video modeling practical and easy for at school and home. No more fumbling around with video tapes, CDs, or DVDs trying to find a section of the video to play or replay.
  • Research Based: Almost 2 decades of research showing Video Modeling to increase acquisition rates for wide variety of skills for individuals with autism and other learning disabilities.
  • Activity Skills Library provides hundreds of videos with still images, audio, text, and worksheet resources to teach hand-on skills including Academic, Daily Living, Communication, Social, Recreation, and Vocational Skills. You will get many more activities that we create for the Skills Library as part of the free updates in the first year after purchase.
  • Unlimited Students with individualized videos and resources with prompt levels targeting specific student needs. The AT remembers where each student is on each activity to make it easy for us to work on many skills across a classroom of students.
  • User Library: Create your own activities
  • Data Collection includes automatic date/time stamp and run count of videos, provides for addition of notes, and allows for easy recording of results for prompt level required for student success on each run (Independent, Shadow, Gesture, Verbal, Physical) with choice of intensity levels 1-5.
  • Expert Task Analysis is built in to the activities so that teachers, teaching assistants or parents can implement powerful teaching methods with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Activity Schedules can be created to help student use newly learned activities and skills in a structured visual schedule format. Schedule is configurable to meet student needs. Classroom view allows for students to take turns completing their specific schedules.
  • Add Your Own Videos to the Activity Trainer under the User Library under the Activity Library Tab. This feature allows the user to customize targeted activities for specific settings, procedures, and materials.
  • Help Videos are available from the Main Menu or by clicking on the Red “?” on each page.

See also DT Trainer Activity Trainer Power Pack


DT Trainer Activity Trainer- Power Pack

DT Trainer and Activity Trainer

By purchasing the power pack you will receive a 20% discount on both the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer. Your student or child will be able to benefit greatly by utilizing both of these products.

Institutions should contact us directly by emailing sales@microscience.on.ca. We will provide you with a quote and let you know all your options to get your students growing from our products.

Home users or small institutional orders can easily be processed through our online store.


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