ClockWork Enterprise is an integrated management tool designed for University and College Counseling, Disability and Student Health Service departments. Clockwork’s calendar system combines a sophisticated and flexible student data management system to provide integrated management tools for counseling departments. Researched, designed and used by universities and colleges, ClockWork assists staff with their day-to-day workload emphasizing ease of use, security, confidentiality, reporting, in a highly customizable environment.

TEST AND EXAM BOOKING (Students/Instructors)

The ClockWork Test and Exam Booking module is the only tool that provides a complete management system for scheduling and managing accommodated tests and exams. The system consists of three modules: administrative, student, and instructor. The administrative module is a full staff management interface to schedule exams, proctors, room re-assignments etc. ClockWork gives you full control over the test booking process but also provides assistance by automating common functionality and providing easy access to data.

  • Allows your team to view test information from a variety of angles quickly and easily. The “group by” feature allows tests to be organized by course or instructor.
  • Gain visibility through automated notification rules. For exmple, notifications rules can help you track events such as students dropping courses, changes to student accommodations after a test is booked, or track reciept of test copies from instructor, among many other uses.
  • Tests can be scheduled in real-time including room and resource scheduling based on student's approved accommodations.
  • Facilitates tracking of student no-shows and actual test start and end times.
  • Manage exam booking status using color codes.
  • Schedule tests and exams with ease
  • Improves reporting capability
  • Send customized emails
  • Reduce staff workload
  • Improve quality with best practice processes
  • Improve staff training with a consistent and documented user interface

ACCOMMODATION LETTERS (Students/Instructors)

For departments that issue accommodation letters, the Accommodation letter interface in ClockWork provides a very simple and a quick method of generating letters. Edit accommodation letter templates easily using the built-in template system. These templates can be customized to include special codes that generate data automatically for the approved accommodation types, email signatures of advisors, contact information and other student information.The accommodation letter can be issued confidentially to students and instructors, either electronically, or can be printed out and issued by the department.

  • Generate ClockWork Letters in both Word or PDF format, and email as an attachment, or URL link.
  • ClockWork also gives you the ability to generate a single accommodation letter for all courses or a letter for every course that has been added in.
  • ClockWork gives you the option to generate two different letter templates at the same time.
  • Use accommodation expiry date control to set up expiry dates for accommodations, which can be printed on the accommodation letter.
  • Customize accommodation letter to your needs
  • Staff can generate letters with just a click of a button
  • Track and monitor letters issued and received
  • Send letters electronically or print them out
  • Generate approved accommodations letters
  • Editing a template is as easy as editing a Word file


ClockWork's Service Providers system is a powerful tool that comprises of administrative interface for staff and web access points for students and notetakers. The unique administrative interface provides tools for managing and matching different service requests.

  • The service provider manager assists with adding, editing and deleting a service request made by the student for a specific course.
  • Service requests can include request for notetaker, interpreter, coach, peer tutor, specialized tutor etc.
  • Export and print lists to many different file formats.
  • The system can automatically generate different types of lists, including pending requests, and request matched with the service providers and many others.
  • It also provides the mechanism to keep track of the availability status of requests through the ‘check availability feature’.
  • Use the notetaker coordinator service provider screen to manage to assign a notetaker to student.
  • The coordinator can also add specific notes to a service request using the mange notes feature.
  • Auto match service requests with service providers
  • Save time by quickly finding available service providers
  • Send customized emails to students and service providers
  • Easily manage Notetakers and Notetakees


ClockWork Database Scheduler is an effective tool that can be used to track day to day activities, detailed information and statistics are made available through the ClockWork report manager.The Report Manager can be used to extract an almost unlimited variety of statistical reports. Reports can easily be generated any time and can provide analysis on collected information.They can also be customized and created using the custom settings and built-in functions. All reports are capable of incorporating parameters that can be fine-tuned to extract specific data. ClockWork Report Generator can generate, print and export / import reports, to Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.The automatic batch email system allows you to send batch emails to students reminding them of appointments etc.The manual batch email system allows you to generate a list of students through the reporting system and send them a one-time email.

  • Small sample of reports that can be generated
  • Listing of unique students accessing different services
  • Breakdown of number of appointments by appointment type
  • Breakdown of students by any intake form data, such as faculty, level, etc
  • List of average appointment wait times by type of appointment
  • Access data anytime
  • Built-in customizable reports
  • Create own reports
  • Cross reference data from various forms
  • Import and export data from multiple locations
  • Increase productivity
  • Save time by automating the Process
  • Send batch emails using reports


Student appointment data screens provide a quick overview of each student appointment.

  • Enter Session Notes for individuals or group appointments.
  • Lock Session Notes to prevent future editing.
  • Date stamp meeting info with date and name of authorizer.
  • Customize session notes with Dynamic Forms.

Add Checkboxes and drop-down Lists to standard notes. For example, for every appointment you can add fields to track what was discussed with students during a meeting, as opposed to what it was originally booked for.

  • Pull up all, or part, of a student's case history, including all appointment times and session notes, and create a report to be shared with the student or staff.
  • Session notes can be restricted to authorized staff, with either full access, read only access or no access.
  • Enter confidential notes securely
  • View appointment history along with session notes
  • Track session notes entered with an icon
  • Use restrictive permission to access Notes
  • Control editing of notes


Use the Online Survey module to conduct surveys on the services rendered to students by the disability department. Easily customized survey forms can include questions relating to services, student appointments, counselors, response time etc.


ClockWork features a unique and completely customizable data collection system. The form-editor tool allows you to track virtually any type of data including information such as address, email, phone and any number of additional user-defined fields. These simple and powerful tools ease your department's transition to ClockWork.The form editor also allows quick and easy customization of intake form data to perfectly match to your existing paper form.The editor even allows creation of custom forms, including forms that will be filled out for each student’s appointment (such as an assessment) and anonymous forms that can track data for statistical purpose only.


This innovative module provides University and College Student Health Centres with a comprehensive and paperless patient care system.


A management system for tracking requests for alternate format textbooks and media through to completion.


The inventory module allows you track your catalog of assistive technology euquipment and manage loans to staff and students.


Clockwork can now be integrated with some magnetic and chip card reading devices, as well as digital signature technology.


ClockWork's built-in instant messaging system allows staff to communicate with each other more effectively. For example, they can notify counsellors when a student arrives.


Veterans can register with your school using Clockwork.This color coded web module moves potential students through all necessary registration steps including Chapter Requirements, Confirmation Steps and registry forms.

Complete Scheduling and Data Tracking Software Designed for Student Services Departments At Universities and Colleges

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ClockWork is designed for College and University student services centres specializing in Disability Services, Academic & Career Counseling, and Student Health Services. Clockwork is also appropriate for administrative offices such as a Dean’s Student Success Office, a First Nation’s Department, or even a College Registrar. Counselors and students can interactively manage online schedules for activities such as note-taking, test accommodation, letter generation, and test booking, as well as general academic appointments.

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